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✔ Made for old and new gamers alike, this simple but challenging puzzler is sure to entertain you for hours!

Your goal is to rotate and slide balls finally matching the pattern on each level. Unlock groups of increasingly harder levels by collecting stars. If you've ever caught yourself playing Tetris, Unblock Me or the Rubik's Cube for hours, you'll definitely love Ozzle! Most levels can be solved in 4 or less moves, but don't let that fool you - you'll have to think really hard to solve all levels in the fewest number of moves possible!


The game features:

  • 60 exciting and colorful levels, everything from an apple to a tropical island
  • 5 difficulty categories
  • addictive logic puzzle gameplay
  • human vocalized in-game sounds
  • happy and relaxing music
  • roughly six and a half hours of fun


What do you get when you combine an innovative puzzle game idea, cartoonish design, awesome free game music by Kevin MacLeod and three people locked in a basement? Download Ozzle and find out for yourself! ❀

Try it out if you're up for a challenge, and send us your thoughts and suggestions at contact@jellyfame.com if you want the game to be even better!

❣ And beware, Jelly is watching your every move!

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